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SW*T*F*E Is a pretty basic code built off of SwFotE codebase with massive changes.... Details


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1. SW*T*F*E MU* Source Code 1.0 SW*T*F*E Is a pretty basic code built off of SwFotE codebase with massive changes. there is some godwars thrown in plus a starting snippet for possible X-socials...yeah you heard me. The code does have a few bugs that need to be hunted down and... DetailsDownload 

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1. Aspose.BarCode for .NET Aspose.BarCode is a .NET component ... of Linear and 2D barcodes on all kinds of ... supports WPF with 29+ Barcode symbologies like OneCode, QR ... etc. Other features include barcode insertion in PDF, Word ... DetailsDownload 

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2. SqlCodeGuard 2.1.4692.25485 SqlCodeGuard is an extension for Sql Server Management Studio designed to analyze T-Sql code and to generate object dependencies.

SqlCodeGuard scans your code and finds the most complex procedures and functions and allows you to... DetailsDownload 

Tags: T-Sql code , T-Sql analysis , analyze T-Sql , T-Sql , code , analysis

3. Tidycode T Sql Formatter 1.1 This software allows you to tidy, beautify or format your T-Sql code in a batch file or Dos prompt. In other words, it is a command line tool that can be built in your programming environment. It can be used in most free or commercial... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: Formatter , beautifier , Indenter , source code , t sql , transact sql

4. Snipbox 2.5.7 The ultimate code snippet manager to store, manage and use your code snippets! Do you have too many code snippets scattered all over your hard drive? Are you fed up from digging around for code you wrote many projects ago? Are you tired from... DetailsDownload 

Tags: snippet software , snippet manager , snippet application , snippet tool , snippet program , code snippet software , code Snippet Manager , code snippet application , code snippet tool , snippet management application , snippet t management software

5. Excel VBA Models Set 2 XL-VBA 2.0 Excel VBA Models Open Source Code Learning Tool - Random Numbers Generator and Statistics Provides 12 random numbers generators that allow you to generate histogram from the probability distribution given the parameters you have specified. You... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: Excel Vba , open source code , statistics , random number , Log Normal , Log Pearson Type III , normal , Chi-square , F-Distribution , Student-T Distribution , Multivariate Standard Normal Distribution , gamma , beta , Hypergeometric , Triangular , binomial

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1. WeddingScan 1.0.1 ... by scanning a product™s barcode with the WeddingScan iPhone ... product doesn't have a barcode, WeddingScan allows you to ... store, and scan the barcode of an item on ... store by scanning a barcode or manually entering the ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

2. GoodTiming 1.11 Free! Scan the barcode, "blip!" The ... badge. * Scan the barcode or enter manually. *You ... once registered with a barcode scan, "blip." ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

3. Stay Unlock Screen: It's the Wallet! 2.2 ... Anything that has a barcode can now be stored ... button and scan the barcode on Unlock-Screen. # ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

4. Free TrueType Barcode Font 3.7 This is a free barcode font that works with ... Code 3 of 9 barcode type. The Barcode installation includes examples for ... DetailsDownload 

5. Lazy Chef 1.0 ... available ingredient. Scan any barcode of a food products ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

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1. Checkin Checkout 1.7 ... Scannable ID (QR code barcode ID) - create card with ... is required for any barcode creation. Therefore, if you ... ID card without scannable barcode. The user ID and ... information than any regular barcode. You don't need internet ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

2. PHP5DBObject 1.0b A framework for PHP5 to automagically create classes that map your DB and also create methods to obtain related objects. Don't code a getter or setter again! Imagine this: $client =& Client::factory(4)... and without having to code the... DetailsDownload 

3. QRreader 1.3 ... a lot like a barcode you see on most ... Android, I use the Barcode Scanner App, and on ... For Firefox there's Mobile Barcode) which lets you generate ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: Qr Code Reader , read QR Code , analyze QR Code , analysis , analyze , reader

4. Scan - QR Code and Barcode Reader 1.0 ... friendly QR Code and barcode scanner available (barcode scanning is currently unavailable ... simple QR Code and barcode scanning the way it ... best QR Code and barcode scanner available. Features Automatically ... DetailsDownload 

Tags: camera , scan , qr code , barcode scanner , windows 8 app

5. TBarCode/X Advanced Barcode Generator 11.0.0 BARCODE GENERATOR SOFTWARE (LINUX, UNIX ... TBarCode/X is a versatile barcode generator for users, administrators ... systems. More than 100 barcode symbologies are supported. In ... linear bar codes this barcode engine generates complex 2D ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

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